Cricket Sound is Chris' professional studio and voice talent collective, founded in 2014 in preparation for the production of The Indigo Thief for Audible and iTunes.  While learning the VO ropes in Arizona, Chris was unable to find a community of younger voice actors to relate with, so decided to create a community of his own, organizing a network of independent voice studios across the country.  Thus Cricket Sound was born and the notion of an inter-state virtual studio of voice colleagues set in motion.

Cricket Sound specializes in Freelance recording projects, working with such brands as Harry PotterThe San Francisco Giants, The US Open, and Siemens.  However, the team doesn't shy away from Long-Term Contracts like audiobooks, which Chris currently produces through and  In addition to their projects, Cricket Sound works in the spirit of mentorship and collaboration with up-and-coming talent.  Chris does one-on-one Consultations with aspiring voice talent, designing and pricing their home studios, as well as writing and producing their demo reels designed to bring them work for years to come.

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